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Playgroup Halloween Party 07

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We had our 3rd Annual playgroup Halloween party… what fun…. Gabby and Alyssa were Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Hope was Tigger, Reese was Alice in wonderland, Finn was a chick, Ben was a puppy and Ellie was a butterfly and Sam was “woody” :). Check out Ben & Ellie’s costumes, Becky made them herself!!! SO CUTE!!! Check out the last pics, see how the kids and group have grown…!!!

Friends :)

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This is a picture of Gabriella in her favorite spot, watching TV with all of her “friends”… she even asks them what they would like to watch, yells at them when they are bad and puts them on time out 🙂 lol…


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Today we took Gabriella up in the man lift to take pictures of the latest job for the website I’m working on…

We got up only a couple feet and Alyssa started to freak out like she was scared… i don’t even know how she knew that she was doing something scary??? Gabriella is so into being on these machines now, it wasn’t until a couple months ago that she didn’t want to be on anything that wasn’t the blue tractor…

Style Luncheon

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Oct 25…

So i finally got out and went to a luncheon with some of my husbands family, it was a fashion lunch at the west shore country club… i had a great time! Wish i just had unlimited $ so i could buy what i liked… i was really hoping to win a raffle for a purse… but i wasnt lucky enough 🙂 Here are some pics!


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Today is my 26th birthday, i know, i know, i cant believe i am that old either, when did i get so old? i just remember not so long ago that i was still working at the Homewood Suites? and now i am 26 and I am married and have 2 kids and a dog? when did i grow up? Dont get me wrong, it feels like i have had Gabby forever, but really i just am so afraid my life is flying by too fast!

Anyways, my wonderful girlfriends had a playgroup birthday party for me… mmm… Carrot cake!

Then we had a party when Matt got home… we had more cake and then Gabby opened my presents, i would have to say Sara gave the most unique gift, check this out, she gave me a bottle of wine and a “wine club” cute idea huh! I might have to steal this idea!

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Okay, so i was compelled by seeing a friends Blog that i should start one too, rather than send out emails with pics, im just going to post them here and if you are interested, you can see them anytime…

Paulus’s Apple Orchard

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Today Gabby took her first field trip to Paulus’s Apple Orchard, I took both girls, we went on a hay ride, picked pumpkins off the vine and apples off the tree. We went through a mini corn maze too!


10.22.07 My Kids

Yesterday i took Alyssa out and took some new pictures of her, here are a few of my favorites…