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Santa Claus

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As sad as it makes me that my girls are growing up, it was very exciting that we have turned the corner of crying when we see Santa, this is the first year Gabriella sat on Santa’s lap and wasn’t screaming… and to make it even better, she walked right up to him, sat on his lap and told him she wants a doll house! and i even got one of him with both girls! what a treat. PS i really liked the Santa at Park City mall, and they even let me take more than 1 pic myself…

Christmas tree

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Christmas Tree Hunting…

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On Saturday we went Christmas tree hunting! It was alot of fun, we went with Patti & Butch (my in-laws). I asked Gabriella at the end of the day what the best part was and she said just going with mimi & pap pap… 🙂

Thanksgiving with the Gates

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My MIL cooked thanksgiving dinner and we all got together. Gabriella was beside her self. She doesn’t see her one cousin, Brooklynn very much, so she was just SO EXCITED… i think she thought she was the “teacher or mommy” cause she was very bossy. I thought it was pretty funny when she told her one cousin, Maggie not to bang her spoon cause she didn’t want her to scratch her table, she talks just like i do…

Take 2

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Becky and i got together for Round 2 of our birthday invitation picture taking, Becky came up with a great idea, lets feed them cake to get them to sit still… Ill post the good ones in a few weeks so as not to ruin the surprise, but here are a few of the not so great shots, but they are so cute! Alyssa loves cake… 🙂

1st Snow

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Gabriella put her boots on and ran outside without a coat on… as she put it “its SO EXCITING” we had our 1st dusting of snow, after countless threats i convinced her to come in a put a coat on if she was going to play.


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What a boring weekend, we didn’t really do anything so i tried to take some pics of Gabriella by the fireplace, yeah right, this is her idea of smiling 🙂 She feels the need to put her head to the side to take a picture… here is

The Hug Central Pennsylvania Photographer

11.14.07 My Kids

We had a mini playgroup today, it was just Becky and I and we took some pics of our girls for their joint birthday card invitations. Ellie will be 2 on Dec. 13 and my Alyssa will be 1 on Dec. 14 so we are having a double the fun b-day bash 🙂 lol

Anyways the pics didn’t work well of Ellie & Alyssa together but after bribing Gabby & Ben, we got a hug shot 🙂 Some day we will not want our lil girls and boys kissing someone, but today it was sweet 🙂

What I’m Thankful for!

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Gabby had a school assignment that she had to list what she is thankful for… it was pretty hysterical to hear what came out of her mouth. Here is also a picture of her on “wear your favorite color day at school, of course she is in pink! And one of Alyssa happy as can be 🙂


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Today was a big deal day for me… Alyssa finally stopped saying da-da all the time and said mom-ma! OH YEAH!!! i get so excited for these things! Anyways today we were trying to get birthday invitation pictures done. I was having Jen Baltgalvis do them and Alyssa was not cooperating at all… Poor Jen! The second we set her in the seat she just bawled… uhhh!