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New Years Eve Day: Snowman

12.31.07 Uncategorized

Last night it snowed like 1-2 inches and Gabriella was excited to make a snowman, we waited till it was warmer so that snow would pack and made one. Gabriella put a carrot for his nose and a pink hat on him and a scarf. She picked out some lollypops for his ears (her idea, not mine)… I hope it doesn’t get too warm or it’ll melt and break her heart!

Christmas Day 2007

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So like most kids, Gabriella finally understood the whole Santa concept, and really loved the idea of him coming and bringing her presents… the strange thing about today was that i think she liked the presents that mom and dad got her more than “Santa”… Don’t get me wrong, she LOVES her doll house, but every time she opened a gift from us, she would go over and hug her dad and tell him ” Thank you dad, i love it…” She was good with our presents, but was way overwhelmed the rest of the day. It was hard to concentrate, all she wanted to do was open them, i don’t even know if she knows what she got? Alyssa, of course didn’t really understand Christmas, out of all the gifts she got, she LOVES her play ball, i was on the phone and all of a sudden i heard all this yelling, Alyssa was so mad cause Gabriella kept trying to steal her ball… Ive never seen her so mad! But of course they would be fighting over the $2 playball 🙂 I find it very difficult though to juggle 2 family’s on the holidays… Today was especially hard since my mom decided to change her time on me. I try to clarify times in advance, then she decided to tell me at 5pm last night that she wanted us to come earlier, which is especially difficult when i already have plans… I wish sometimes people would realize how hard life is with 2 young kids…

Xmas Eve: Sprinkle

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Gabriella is way pumped up for Santa, we put out reindeer food on the lawn, she just ran around in circles sprinkling it all over the place, put out a cookie for Santa. She could hardly wait to see what Santa brings 🙂 Before she went to bed, she wondered if Santa would give her Isabella’s gifts if he couldn’t find hers in his bag… i told her he was Santa and would make sure to give her just her gifts…

Dana’s Christmas Party

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Dana had her family over to exchange gifts between the kids… It made it more special. You should hear how loud 3 girls can be when they are all playing on 1 piano…


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Matt’s parents present arrived today, they got all of their kids a piano… Gabby was having fun already playing a solo and singing as loud as she could… now if only i knew how to play jingle bells 🙂

Sara’s 1st Home

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We went to see Sara’s 1st home today, its really a nice townhouse! Gabriella had a good time and now her neighbors are probably worried since Gabby made so much noise!

Ice Trees

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I took Gabriella out to take pictures by the ice trees… do you ever wish you had a gift like someone else, thats how i feel about Jen and her Photography… i just wish i took better photographs… anyways, this is my best shot 🙂

I won!

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Thanks to everyone who voted! I won Jen Baltgalvis photography’s contest… YAY!!!!

Reese & Gabby: Cookies

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This is from earlier this week, We invited ourselves over Jen’s mom’s house since we didn’t have power and Gabriella and Reese Rudolph decorated cookies, it was cute. Thanks again for letting us come over!!! 🙂 Reese was more interested in just eating the frosting.

Playgroup xmas party

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It was a busy day, we had the playgroup annual xmas party today. It went well and was pretty organized, we acutally got to see what each kid received since we made them take turns, oldest to youngest?