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Interactive Blog….

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So I have been thinking i want to make this more of an interactive blog, instead of just talking to myself… and i was thinking of starting to post weekly photo assignments. I was “stalking” the Mamarazzi blog but she isn’t really on the ball with posting assignments… Who wants to play? I think every Tuesday i will post a photo assignment and you have till Sunday to complete your pics and email them to me… i will post my favorite of your photos on Monday…. If you have ideas for assignments email me them? What do you think? I think it will be fun and will maybe inspire everyone to get out and take photos… If you know anyone else who would like to play along, send me their emails and i will add their name to the blog.

Stay tuned for Tuesday’s assignment, in the meantime, post me a comment if you have an idea of what you think the 1st assignment should be!

Since i cant go a day without posting a picture… here is what Gabby did with her “mimi”