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04.30.08 NEWBORNS & Babies

Today i ran over to the Ruda Home to take some quick pics of Josiah while Gabby was at school… I couldnt wait to meet him, I still want to take more when it is warmer outside… but here are some of my favorites… I put the rest on the Flikr account


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Here are a few more from today…


04.29.08 Fashion

Matt’s Cousin Ashlee came out with Tanner and Donna to get some pics… Tanner Calls Ashlee Yay-Yay OMG there is so many good ones it is going to take me days to go thru them and edit… but since i promised Gabby we would play NOW 🙂 Here are a few from the beginning!


Rain, Rain…

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I told Gabby today that i wasn’t happy it was raining… she said, “but don’t the flowers need the rain”? She is right, i guess i should be happy it is raining…


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Today Matt had his wisdom teeth removed, i was very nervous for him, it went okay and I hope he feels better tomorrow…

On another note my friend Tiffany, had her baby last night, Josiah Michael Ruda 7 lbs12 oz… Congratulations to her and her family!

Here are a few pics i took today… I was trying to keep the girls happy this evening so we went outside, i have the most beautiful lawn full of the most beautiful weeds, they really are the prettiest purple flowers… The picture of Alyssa makes me smile, she loves to have her tongue hanging out now, especially when she is doing something “funny”… i love that she is becoming her own little person and showing us who she is…


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Today, Tanner (Matt’s Cousin’s son) came out and i took him around for a photo shoot… i love him… he was so sweet and tender! Then his Grandma told him to throw rocks when he was on the rock pile… i was afraid for my life and camera that he was going to whip one at me… lol… anyways, Thanks for coming out!

Here is the slideshow link

Sad Face…

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I was just going thru my emails and i realized that my MIL sent me a cute email… it said

This is what Gabby looks like when i tell her to go home….

Happy 1st Birthday Sam Klinepeter!

04.20.08 Families, Kids

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Sammy!
Happy Birthday to you!

Today is Sam K’s 1st birthday (my nephew)…. I had to take a few shots of him for my blog! He is almost as big as his sister who is 13 mos older than him! Its funny how attached her kids are to each other, he saw his sister Maggie and he started yelling for her, she turned around and had to come over and kiss and talk to him!

Pony Ride…

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Yesterday Gabby was invited to a birthday party for a friend from preschool, the little girl, Hailey had pony rides, so of course, we had to go. Gabby wouldn’t ride the horse even with the birthday girl trying to convince her to try it out, but then towards the end she did… but halfway through the ride she didnt like it, and wanted to get off… she says it is too bumpy and she didnt like having to hold on to the saddle…oh well, i told her that it was good to at least try it out, usually she likes things after she gives it a try!

Something new…

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So tonight was a “first” for Matt and I and the kids, we have never been invited over a friends house for dinner as a family…i know you are probably thinking we are strange, and we are 🙂

Our Friends the Ruda’s invited us over for dinner, and after telling them all the stuff Matt doesn’t eat 🙂 they still agreed to have us 🙂 Anyways, it was such a treat, Tiffany’s husband is like a little chef, he makes the most INCREDIBLE hot wings… ever!!! He makes up his own recipes, apparently he makes the best chili, which i have to try, so please next time you make it just save me one small bowl !!!