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More Jewelry….

10.31.08 Uncategorized

Sorry I’ve been a blog slacker, I’ve been going thru a rough “me” time… Its hard sometimes to juggle these crazy kids and still keep my sanity. No worries, its probably just the weather, Ill adjust… Plus I’ve been busy helping my future sister in law plan her wedding, my baby brother is getting married Dec 27, 2008…

Julie, the jewelry designer for Stella di Mare had me photograph some more of her pieces.

You can check out all the photos of the pieces on my gallery here…

password: starfish

If you are interested in following her blog, you can check her out at

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.


10.23.08 Kids

Oohhh… I love this picture!


10.23.08 My Kids

Last week Jen took me to a cool river spot that she sometimes takes pics at. It was warm out so we thought it was a good idea… It would have been great, especially if Gabby would have remember shoes, Really, how do you forget to bring shoes??? and I didn’t have any baby wipes and Alyssa was covered in candy bracelet residue… Note to self, Candy Bracelets are not great for picture days…

Reese trying to ignore me, and my camera... :)

Reese trying to ignore me, and my camera... :)What do you think she is thinking?

Apple Orchard

10.22.08 Families, Kids

Here are a few of my favorites of the Taylor family, they are expecting a baby girl in March. Kim and I went to highschool together andΒ  she has such a cute son who is a little bit younger than my Alyssa. They are such a sweet family.

Pumpkin Patch

10.20.08 Kids

When i was at the pumpkin patch, my friend Laura asked me to take a few pics of her son Sam. I have known Sam since he was 9 months old, when we took our kids to a swim class at the YMCA. We are part of the same playgroup for over 3 years now.

I also took pictures of these lil cuties.

Redhead Cuties…

10.19.08 Kids

Yesterday i took my girls along to a MOPS outing. They were meeting at a small pumpkin farm. Julie, a friend of my SIL and friend of my friend Laura asked me to come along to take pics of her lil boys. The mom Julie, is just a lil thing, and so cute and sweet. You would swear she couldn’t be older than 21… The oldest boy, is just such a doll, i love the way photographed. His mom warned me that he doesnt do well, but i think i got a lot of really cute pics of him!


10.17.08 Kids

Today, i finally got together with my friend Becky, She lives super close to a underpass that has some cool graphitti… it seemed like a good idea, its close, and fun. Then i parked and realized how dangerous this road was that my 2 children were on with me, all in the search of a good shot… Becky kept joking with me that next time we take pics of her kids, she wants it to be someplace safe so she doesnt have to spend the entire time keeping 3 kids safe while i have fun photographing 1 πŸ™‚ Lucky for us, Becky brought some trader joe cookies, and it was pretty peaceful.

I just adore these pics of Ellie

Look at Gabby trying to work it…

And since it was too dangerous to let Alyssa out of her stroller, here is her sitting pretty in our yard. She loves to sit on the well pipe thing…

Beauty and the Beast…

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Gabby wanted to dress up and take pictures in the field yesterday afternoon, so she ran to her room as quickly as she could and got 2 dress up dresses for her and Alyssa, and then 2 sets of wings…. She said they were like beauty and the beast, and she said Alyssa was the beast… i disagree, they both looked like beauties.

Gabby was trying out her acting skills… Here she is sleeping beauty…

Alyssa trying to sleep…

The Evil witch joined us… hmmm….


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Today i was trying to work on some lighting stuff, so i took Alyssa out to take some pics… you know cause my kids are the most willing participants πŸ™‚ Yeah right… Well Gabby ran out with the paper umbrellas and was showing Alyssa how to hold them. That child kills me. I either am screaming at the top of my lungs at her, or i just love her like crazy, is that what a mother daughter relationship is supposed to be like?


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On Sunday i got together with Julie, (the designer of the jewelry i photographed last week) to take some headshots of her. We met up at my SILs house, Dana. She lives right by the stream and has some really beautiful locations near her property. Julie is a super cool girl, she is also super busy, with her full time job, she is also going to law school at night and makes jewelry! In 2 months she is done with school and can go back to being normal πŸ™‚