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06.29.18 NEWBORNS & Babies

Meet the Class of 2019 Senior Models!


These 5 girls were chosen as Elaine Gates senior models for the class of 2019! These girls are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside! Their positive outlooks and outgoing personalities were a joy to work with! So excited to see where this next chapter takes them! Read about them below!

Lauren Tribeck from Trinity High School is planning to continue her academic career at Penn State! Because of her love and dedication for THON at Trinity, it is no surprise that this sweet girl is a future Nittany Lion! She is excited to share in all the “lasts” of high school with her best friends and will miss her hometown as she moves somewhere totally new next year! Lauren is also a dancer which explains the energy and passion she spreads! When asked about her senior picture experience, Lauren said “I loved being able to express myself and be able to show who I am throughout the pictures. The best part about being a senior model is being able to gain confidence in myself.” Wishing Lauren an enjoyable senior year!

Senior Model, Sophia Morrison, from Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School is committed to West Chester to play field hockey! This is so exciting and I can tell how much she loves her sport! Entering her senior year, Sophia is most excited for her final season with her Mechanicsburg field hockey team. Sophia’s favorite places to shop are American Eagle and Lululemon! This sporty girl loves country music and her favorite artist is Thomas Rhett – “He’s the best”! When I asked Sophia her favorite quote, she replied “Don’t stress the could haves, if it should have it would have” and I think this is a great message for all incoming seniors! Senior year is for having fun and cherishing this sweet time with your friends and family. Good luck to Sophia in her senior year and field hockey career!    


Emma Olofson is planning to spend her college years at the University of Delaware – Go Blue Hens! As she moves on to college next fall, Emma explained that she will miss her friends and all of the memories made in high school. She is excited to hold that senior status and partake in activities at Cumberland Valley such as prom and the senior paint slide! Emma has great style and described her looks as “preppy college girl during the school year and boho chic in the summer”. Emma radiates positivity and proved this infront of the camera. Wishing Emma a fabulous senior year!

Senior Model, Vanessa Stouffer, from Cumberland Valley is still deciding on which school she will be attending next fall! So excited to see where this next year takes her! When asked what she will miss most about high school, Vanessa explained that she will miss constantly being around her friends and being able to grow closer with people from her class. This friendly and outgoing girl categorized her style as original and always accessorizing with a smile! Vanessa’s favorite part about her senior picture experience was visiting all of the cute places and how “easy and fun” it was! Have a great senior year, Vanessa!

Chloe Georgiana is also a field hockey star! She attends Cumberland Valley High School and is committed to play at Mansfield University! When asked what she will miss most about high school, Chloe said that she will miss seeing her friends every day and going to the sporting events at CV! She enjoys meeting new people and I know her bubbly personality will do wonders for her as she moves on to a new place! Her style is described as athletic and sporty, which makes sense for this dedicated player! Good luck to Chloe in her college field hockey career!


~Jordan Haas

Marketing & Social Media

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06.25.18 Engagements

Five Wedding Traditions and their peculiar origin

06.20.18 Weddings

Have you ever wondered where all of the classic wedding traditions come from? I know I have! Some are so long-established that we don’t even question their origins. After reading this, you might question why we are still doing all of these things on our wedding days. Just remember that some wedding traditions are nice, but don’t be afraid to come up with your own.


Engagement rings have an interesting history. Nowadays, these rings symbolize love, but it wasn’t always like this. Romans viewed this ring as a down-payment to the bride. Actually up until the 1930s, a wife could sue the groom for breaking off an engagement. Strange, right? Up until the 1930s, diamonds weren’t found in an engagement ring. In 1938, diamond mining bloomed. De Beers was a manager for a diamond mine in South Africa. He hired people to convince men that diamond rings (and only diamond rings) were acceptable to propose with. They sent lecturers to high schools so they could teach girls that “Diamonds were forever.” You can thank De Beers for your diamond engagement ring. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

We have all heard that it is bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. This tradition actually comes from the time when arranged marriages were normal. The groom couldn’t see the bride because they wanted to make sure he wouldn’t call off the wedding. That leads me into the next tradition… the veil. The purpose of the veil is so that the groom doesn’t see the bride until the last possible moment.

Many people see a white wedding dress as the most important and classic part of a wedding. You might think this tradition comes from ancient times, but in actuality it is more modern. Originally wedding dresses weren’t a special gown you wore only once, but the nicest thing in your closet. Wedding dresses were commonly black. They were then worn again for funerals or other occasions. White dresses were almost never worn, because they easily got dirty and you could see imperfections clearer. Although this is true, there is evidence of royalty wearing white since the middle ages. White dresses became popular in 1840, when Queen Elizabeth wore white during her wedding. White dresses didn’t become popular for the middle class for another 100 years. It is amazing how fast a tradition can grow.


Have you questioned why the happy couple saves the top tier of their wedding cake for their 1st anniversary? If you have than listen to the peculiar origin of this one. We have all giggled to the childhood rhyme, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. It was assumed that once there was a wedding, a christening would follow. Instead of baking two cakes, they just baked one big one. They then waited to enjoy the top tier until the baby arrived. Although we don’t still eat the cake when the baby arrives, we do save it until the 1st anniversary.


Just remember take traditions from the past or make new ones but stay true to you when you plan your big day! Happy Planning!

~ Gabriella Gates

Cortland Mansion Wedding Photographer Hagerstown MD RS Entertainment Stephanie Meyers Sagittarius J&B Bridals Men’s Wearhouse Morilee Ludwig Jewelers {Bekah & Aric}

06.18.18 Weddings

Thanks to all the fabulous vendors who helped make this wedding so amazing!

Photographer: Elaine Gates Photography

Reception: Cortland Mansion

Ceremony Site: Cortland Mansion

Ceremony Music: RS Entertainment (Ryan Stahl)

Caterer: Hempen Hill

Officiant: Pastor Frank Duncan

Cake: Nancy

Florist: Stephanie Meyers

DJ/Band: RS Entertainment (Ryan Stahl)

Makeup: Sagittarius

Hair: Sagittarius

Bridal Gown: J&B Bridals

Tuxedos / Men Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridal Gown Designer: Morilee (Madeline Gardner)

Engagement / Wedding Rings: Ludwig’s Jewelers

Graduating Class of White Dresses


Let’s talk about a tradition I love… white graduation dresses! Being dressed in white usually means something important is going down. Whether it’s weddings or graduations, white simply radiates excitement and new beginnings. Nothing makes a grad look more ready to take on the next chapter than a beautiful, bright, white dress. The best part is that there can still be so much personality shining through them. Whether it’s style is classy and elegant or boho chic, there is one to express everyone’s taste!

If you’re looking for a graduation dress for your upcoming senior pictures, here are a few I absolutely love!

Feel free to tell me your go-to stores when shopping for senior picture outfits! Get out there and have fun shopping, little fashionistas! Stay tuned for more of my favorite looks and styles!

~Jordan Haas

Marketing & Social Media


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