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2024 Wedding Trends

2024 couples, it’s almost your time to shine! Wedding planning can be a full-time job with all of the vendors to coordinate, details to include, and timeline to follow. And of course, there are always new ideas and trends to incorporate! I created a list of 2024 wedding trends that may be worth looking into to make your day even more special and unique!


1. Live Entertainment 


I have seen live entertainment becoming more and more popular over the last year and think we’ll see a lot more of it in 2024! I’m not talking about your DJ or band, I’m referring to a live painter, an artist sketching 5×7 photos of your guests, a cigar bar roller, food trucks, etc. This is such a unique addition to your day that your guests will always remember! 


2. Audio Guestbooks


Have you seen the popular audio guestbooks? I’ve heard of After the Tone but I’m sure there are several others! If you haven’t heard of these audio guestbooks, they are a vintage phone that will record voicemails from your guests. It is such a special way to collect well wishes from your friends and family! You can keep these live recordings forever and listen to them for years to come. 


3. Guest Dress Code


This isn’t necessarily something new, but I have seen brides starting to incorporate “guest dress codes” that indicate which colors to wear to their wedding. This allows photos and the whole evening to be color cohesive! Plus, if you struggle with finding an outfit for a wedding, this can help you out! 


4. Last Dance


We all know first dances are traditional but have you considered adding a last dance for your wedding too? I absolutely love this idea! Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye so I have loved seeing couples have a “last dance” while their guests are lining up outside for the exit. It is such a sweet way to end the night and take a few minutes to collect yourselves before you leave for the night. Plus, it gives coordinators time to wrangle your guests together for the exit, haha! 


5. Late Night Snack


This is another idea that plays into the guest experience but it is a super fun idea, especially if you and your new spouse have a special snack or food place! For example, I’ve seen couples include a french fry bar, a soft pretzel bar, tacos, or any other type of “night” snack food towards the end of their reception! Sometimes guests can work up an appetite from all of the dancing and this will be sure to “wow” them!  


There are tons of other unique trends that you can add to your day, such as a private sweetheart table, cold spark machines, disposable cameras, secret cocktail menu, and more! I would love to know any new ideas that you’re including in your wedding! Remember that your day is all about YOU and you do not have to follow all of the popular trends, they simply can add a personal touch to your big day! 



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