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Worst Things to Forget on Your Wedding Day!

1. A pretty hanger for your dress. I know every dress shop sends you home with your gorgeous wedding dress in a bag to keep your dress clean and ready but don’t forget its important to have either a simple wooden hanger or one of the custom made ones from Etsy to hang your gown on. 

2. Something cute to wear to get your hair done. I love the adorable matching robes as much as the next girl, but I have been really loving the monogram collared shirts that you can wear to the salon and also after your wedding. Check out the adorable Annie below 🙂

3. A steamer & Pair of scissors: Nothing worse than not having one if you need it!

4. Plan for lunch and snacks for your bridal party. Oh yes, I know you will be eating a fancy meal that evening but being part of a wedding means its a long day. For the girls, you start early with hair and makeup and there is nothing you want less than someone starving and getting low blood sugar.

5. A pair of comfortable shoes to dance in. Even if you are a pro in heels and you spent the time to break in those gorgeous heels, I promise you, your feet will be tired and you really don’t want to be dancing in bare feet. Think, broken glass on the dance floor!


Happy Planning!


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