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How to keep your digital files safe


In a world so consumed with taking pictures There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to printing pictures. We live in a world where we take pictures all the time but they sadly live in the cloud and aren’t being printed, displayed and cherished the way pictures were from our childhood. The biggest worry is losing these images. Here are my tips on how to save your digital files so that you can cherish them for years to come.

We’ve all had a phone crash… it come out of nowhere, we are happily going about our normal business and somehow our phone turns off, never to turn back on… or we drop our phone in the sink/toilet? Eeek. our biggest worry is losing the data on it.

Your biggest goal when it comes to saving digital files and your Digital pictures is not saving them just on one medium. You need to make sure that you’re utilizing multiple forms of the technology so that if we ever have something crash we have backed them up on more than one source and can still retrieve them.

We’ve come along way from the days of floppy disks. But let’s not skip over the value of burning and backing up our digital images on DVDs. Yes, there are other easier methods to backing up images but this is a tried and true method that I personally still use for each clients sessions and my own personal images.

Another great option is external hard drive’s. What’s great about these is there relatively inexpensive, Most Are so user-friendly that you just plug them in and can drag your images. You can back up large amounts of data very easily. One tip I tell people is to have two external hard drive’s that you’re constantly backing both up to. Because if one fails at least you have a back up.

Lastly, another great option is flash drives. You can purchase these in bulk pretty inexpensively and they travel really well. These are great for people who have laptops that only have USB ports and not DVD drives. If clients purchase the digital files from their session or wedding this is my favorite way to deliver their images. I even have adorable wood ones with my logo. Interested in your own custom USB drives, You can purchase these wholesale flash drives from USB Memory Direct.

Just remember to save all of these in a fire proof safe.


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