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How to Remain Stylish in the Winter Weather

There is nothing worse than wearing an adorable winter outfit and having to cover it up with a big puffy coat. Am I right? I am. Thankfully, I have some pieces in mind to spice up your style without freezing through the cold! You can thank me later…


  1. FUZZY FUR // I know I have already gone on and on about fur but I forgot to mention just how warm these pieces are. Some of my fur coats are even warmer than my big parkas so don’t hesitate to invest in one! I can’t even tell you how many compliments they receive so get ready to be turning heads!  

Link 1, Link 2

  1. PRINTS // Prints are HUGE this season. And, they are neutrals so you can pair them with almost any outfit! My favorites are: Cheetah, snakeskin and camouflage. Even the simplest printed accessory will step up your style game. Whether it’s a cheetah hat, camo scarf or snakeskin boots, the world is your runway!   

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  1. WINTER HAT // Speaking of hats, you need one. I am obsessed with the hats with a puff ball on the top. Hats add such a cute flair to any bundled up outfit. Not to mention, they can make the best out of any bad hair day.

Link 1

  1. BLANKET SCARF // The most versatile winter accessory! These scarves are no joke. They are big, comfy, warm and can be worn a number of different ways. Don’t know how to wear one? Just check Pinterest. The best part is that they can also be worn as an outfit piece instead of just an accessory. Wear them as a wrap or belt it for another cute look!

Link 1

The blanket scarf Elaine is wearing is from VICI



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