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I was so excited when Annie & Mike chose me as their wedding photographer! One of their must have items was they wanted their engagement session done where they live, in Manayunk, PA. Which, if you haven’t been is a fun, full of art, thriving young neighborhood outside of Philadelphia. I asked Annie to tell me about how they met and fell in love…

Annie & Mike

We met at one of our old haunts, The Irish Pub.  It was a very cold day over Christmas break and we both showed up with our friends, for very different reasons: I had to recover after crying my eyes out at the movie theater during Unbreakable, Mike was many bars deep during a celebratory bar crawl.  Both groups grabbed seats near the door.  When a weird man stopped to talk to my friend, Mike saw an opportunity and jumped in with the super suave line “Hey, is it cold in here?”  Which it was, since it was December and we were sitting near the door. As much as I tease him about that line, it obviously worked! We went on our first date a few days later and have been together since!

After somehow managing to live together in a 700 square foot apartment, we bought a house in Manayunk in June 2017. We were really excited to have our own home…especially one with a backyard, however weed infested it might have been. Mike drew up plans for a new patio and asked to have five tons of stone delivered to their front sidewalk. I thought he was out of his mind, threw a fit, and made him split up the delivery into two weekends. Little did I know that I pushed our engagement back a week…Mike was planning on proposing in our new, beautiful outdoor space!

After a second straight Saturday of shoveling and raking, the yard was ready to go.  Mike told me to go get changed…he wanted a picture of us in the new yard before we went out to dinner.  I thought it was a little weird since 1) Mike hates pictures and 2) it was almost dark outside, but I wasn’t going to complain too much since I really just wanted food.

Mike took a picture…and then quickly got down on one knee.  I swear I said yes, but Mike told me I just started crying. We celebrated that night and have been celebrating ever since!

Our wedding is planned for November of this year in Lancaster. We’ve filled the last 3+ years of our relationship with travel, running, home projects and many more adventures…I know we are both excited to watch these adventures continue long into the future!

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