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New Year, New Goals


Ahhh, Christmas is past and we are looking straight ahead at 2019. I am personally not a huge fans of New Years Resolutions. My reason is that there are 365 days each year where you can make a change, big or small. This year I am working on goal setting rather than a resolution. If you know me at all, I am a big believer of taking care of your body. I try and be active each day, whether that is getting in a run, pilates at Absolute Pilates (I can’t encourage you enough to give it a try), hiking, skiing, biking etc. I also am lucky that I love healthy foods. Given the choice I would always choose healthy whole foods, but I love to live a balanced life which includes pizza, wine and chocolate.

So this year I encourage you to find something you want to incorporate into your life and add that in. For me, it will be small things like increasing my water consumption. Packing a healthy snack for when we travel instead of eating out, meal prepping for the week, decreasing my screen time, being present when I am with my girls rather than just busy.  For the month of January I am going to be decreasing meaningless screen time. Scrolling without purpose. 

What changes are you hoping to make this year?

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