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The Best Time to Get Your Children in Front of the Camera

When is the best time to photograph my children?

Oh if only I had a dollar for every time a client asked me what the best stages to photograph their children are, I could take a nice relaxing vacation… Okay, kidding aside. 

Being a mom of two daughters myself I realize the importance of capturing our children in all of their stages. The sweet and cuddly newborn, the crazy toddler, the missing front teeth, the awkward teen years. Below is my guide to photographing your family through the years.




Oh yes, the sweet newborn stage. My standard guidelines are 2 weeks old is ideal. Don’t let this scare you through. If the first few weeks are too hectic and it just doesn’t happen… don’t skip it. They are only small once.


6 months: (or when they can sit up unassisted) 

Hands down one of my favorite ages to photograph. They can sit up, they smile and giggle. We sing songs, play peek a boo and capture those adorable new teeth!


First Birthday:

Who doesn’t love a portrait session that can finish with a cake smash! We get a better glimpse into their little personalities and capture them just as they are.



Ages 2-5: 

Yearly portrait sessions are best, whether it’s close to the holidays for Christmas gifts and cards, or near their birthday to capture them at the same time each year. Pick a time of year and stick to it. If their birthday is during the cold months and you love outdoor sessions, choose spring, summer or fall and don’t forget to include the entire family!



Ages 6-16: 

Every two years is ideal to set up a full family session. Life gets busier when children start full day school and they aren’t changing as rapidly as the first few years of life. Don’t skip the tween and teen years. Its important to photograph them just as they are! Don’t wait till the braces are off, or the acne has gone away. They grow way too fast!


Senior Portrait: 

Ages 17 or 18.Love these sessions. It’s all about them, showcasing their interests, style and personality. 

Young Adults:


Every 3 years come in for a family session to see your family change, as you add more family members.



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