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Things You Miss The Most Once You Leave Central PA

Central Pennsylvania, the place I proudly call my home. Back in 2015, I left the area for a mountain town in Virginia. Leaving was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done and I dearly miss my home. There are four key things I miss the most about Central PA:

Major cities are never far away- You cannot deny how nice it is to have Philadelphia less than 2 hours away, Baltimore 90 minutes away, and Pittsburgh roughly 3 ½ hours away.

Friends and family you leave behind- One of my favorite sayings is “Home is where the heart is”. Even though you may leave the area, your heart may still be planted in PA with your loved ones.

Our local favorites- We all have our favorite places; it could be a park, coffee shop, or even a little café. These places make it worth the trip back.

Memories that are associated with the area- Whoever said leaving the area was easy? It truly isn’t! That’s why the best part about leaving Central PA is coming back to make even more memories.

I cannot wait to move back in less than one year and continue my journey in Central PA.

~Morgan Cunningham

Marketing, Class of 2019

James Madison University



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