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Tips for Looking Natural in Photos


Tips for Looking Natural in Photos

How do those Instagram girls do it? They’re laughing, posing, looking like they’re having

a great time, and seem so natural while they do it. And guess what? You can do it, too. It’s not

as hard as you think. So, when the camera is in your face and the pressure is on, remember

these tips:

Be confident! When you are confident, it shows. You are beautiful and unique and you

should believe it! You don’t have a bad side. The pictures are going to look amazing. Drill this

into your brain! Once you grasp this, you’ll own the camera. Strike a pose while you’re at it.

Move around! You’re the center of attention, have fun with it! Spin around, walk towards

the camera, laugh at yourself… It’s all normal in the photography world. If you’re having fun

during your shoot, it’s going to show in the proofs!

Be yourself! This means dressing the part. Wear something you would wear on a day to

day basis. No need to break out the prom dress for some pictures that are meant to capture

your life. Plus, if you’re wearing the 6 inch heels that you don’t even like, then you’re going to

look uncomfortable. Besides, being yourself is the prettiest and best you can be. Easy enough,


Be creative! If you’re not the person who loves straight-on cliche photos or basic

standing shots, be creative! Bring in example photos of shots you like and Elaine will make it

happen! Like I mentioned before, this shoot is supposed to be all about you. So let your style


Let’s schedule that photoshoot ASAP because you are READY! So now you can relax, pick

some outfits, show up, and own the camera! Can’t wait to see what you and Elaine Gates





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