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Wedding Planning tips: How to plan meaningful moments before the ceremony…

The wedding day is one you plan for so long and seemingly is over in a blink of an eye. I always tell my brides, you can’t over plan your wedding in terms of the timeline. Plan for more time than you need, pick the best vendors and when your big day comes around, relax, and enjoy!

There are things that I think are worth considering adding to your timeline before your wedding ceremony to have the most meaningful and stress-free day of your life.

Consider a First look with your Father or Mother. If your mom is helping you with your dress, why not schedule a quick moment before the craziness of the day to do a first look with your dad? In the past, it’s been some of the sweetest moments.

Write your Groom a handwritten card, or if you aren’t reading your custom vows during the ceremony, write your vows in your own words and schedule time in your day to either read them to each other or give them to your groom before the ceremony. Of course, he should do the same. I’ve been loving seeing people use these adorable custom mini vow books to handwrite them in and tuck them in a keepsake box to reread on their anniversaries.

Don’t forget to eat. Seems silly to even worry about adding it to the schedule, but I promise, as a longtime wedding photographer, there is nothing worse than a bride having to grab bites to eat in the middle of the photo session part of the day.

Talk with your vendors and ask them what they recommend in terms of timelines. We know best. I promise, your vendor teams have your best interest in mind and they have done this countless times. If your hair and makeup vendors say they need a certain amount of time for each girl, trust them!

Plan for a toast, or moment of prayer before you head out for your portraits with you and your bridesmaids and moms. Take this time to thank your girls, and remind them how much it means to you that they are there to support you on this special day. Oh, and don’t forget to plan one for your groom and his guys. I recommend putting the best man in charge of that and purchasing a great bottle of their favorite drink.

Lastly, Have fun and relax. Easier said than done, just try and enjoy every minute. The day goes by so quickly.




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