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What is and Why you should have an unplugged wedding?


Imagine this: Today is your wedding day. Everything has been planned for months and your guests are sitting waiting for you to walk down the aisle. The music starts playing and now it’s your time to go. Then you see it; people are on their phones! To walk down the aisle, you will need to avoid 10 phones, a few iPads, and even some child’s gaming device. Not only are people taking pictures but multiple people are texting and someone’s tacky ringtone goes off.


Believe it or not, this problem is becoming more and more common at wedding ceremonies in recent years. Luckily, unplugged weddings are becoming popular and actually trending among 2018 weddings! An “unplugged wedding” is a return to more traditional times: the couple will request from the guests that no phones are to be used during the ceremony and even sometimes this is even requested during the reception. With this request, there are to be no exceptions. Guests are not to take pictures, FaceTime a family member, text updates on the wedding, live stream the ceremony on Facebook, or anything else! All the guests have to do is sit back and enjoy the ceremony.


With an unplugged wedding, the couple receives far more benefits than simply removing extra noise. One major problem that has been noticed in weddings is that people are not connecting to the ceremonies. Couples truly spend lots of time writing out their vows and planning out the ceremony to make it memorable and also meaningful for them as well as their guest. By removing the phones, it encourages the audience to get more involved not only with the what is being said by the couple and the officiant but also with the people around them. People are more willing to interact when they do not have the distraction of a phone in front of them. Another wonderful benefit is that your guest will not feel the need to be your photographer. We all know who these people are in our close group. These are the people who will follow the wedding party around to take their pictures (especially when the pictures are not wanted). By unplugging your wedding, this problem is removed.


I understand that unplugged weddings are not for everyone, I do believe that in 2018 they will continue to climb to the largest wedding trend.


Happy wedding season to all of the happy couples out there and best of wishes!


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